(WSVN) - A photographer is working to bring hope to mothers who have experienced loss with a photo shoot featuring a special kind of blessing.

When photographer Ashley Sargent shared an image of a rainbow baby from one of her photo shoots, she said the picture resonated with a lot of other moms who had been in a similar situations.

A rainbow baby is a child that is born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, or loss of an infant, similar to a rainbow at the end of a storm.

Sargent said that after seeing other moms celebrate their rainbow babies, she was inspired to do a special photo shoot.


“I began to have this idea (or vision, I should say)… of seeing dozens upon dozens of mothers coming together, all as one, dressed in colors of the rainbow along with their miracle child,” she wrote. “I wanted mothers and children of every age. In my mind, this idea was going to be a vision of hope.”

Sargent then recruited dozens of women who had children after experiencing a loss.

“I asked them to choose a color and allow themselves to be prepared to share their story,” Sargent said.

Sargent photographed the women and their children individually before the moms all gathered together for a group photo.

Sargent herself has not suffered a miscarriage. However, she suffered with infertility for several years, allowing her to relate to the plight of the mothers. “I know the feeling of hopelessness and the deep desire to become a mother. I know how alone you feel,” she wrote.

Sargent said that when she was in the middle of her infertility battle, she told God that she would be a voice of hope, and that this project is meant to let others know that there is hope.

“Myself, along with the mothers in this photo, want you to know that you can overcome,” she said. “You are not alone.”

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