Mississippi would combat fake urine with ‘Urine Trouble’ law

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Shoppers can now buy fake urine to defeat drug tests, but Mississippi lawmakers are fighting back with what they are calling the “Urine Trouble” bill.

Republican Rep. Andy Gipson says synthetic human urine products are being sold in truck stops. During a meeting of a state House committee Thursday, Gipson held up what he said was an $18.99 vial of liquid that was sold just a few miles from the state Capitol.

The Mississippi Association of Self-Insurers is pushing the bill to ban fake urine. The group’s director, Dan Gibson, says it’s a safety concern because drug tests should accurately reveal whether truck drivers have dangerous chemicals in their bodies.

The bill passed a committee and goes to the full House for consideration. Several states have already banned synthetic urine.

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