Minnesota police department considers hiring ‘unqualified’ K9 candidate

WEST ST. PAUL, Minn. (WSVN) — A very cute but not-so-ferocious pup wants to be a K9 officer.

The West St. Paul Police Department tweeted a photo of the tiny dog named Nitro, who they say is one of their applicants for an open K9 job.

“Meet Nitro. He wants the open K9 job. He weighs 4lbs, doesn’t meet any of the requirements and is not qualified in any way. Thoughts?” the police wrote on their Twitter page.

Followers loved the pup, saying he was too cute to turn away.

“Make him the undercover K9,” one person replied. “No one can resist such a cutie!”

Even folks in city hall were smitten with Nitro.

Another follower saw value in having a small pup on the force, writing, “Stealth K9… sneaks up on the bad guys and takes them out at ankle level.”

Eventually the department said they were in the process of creating a Junior K9 officer program just for the pint-sized pooch.

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