A Minnesota resident has been a hat enthusiast for years and his impressive collection has earned him not one, but two spots in the Guinness Book of World Records. His son, Scott Legried continues his father’s legacy.

Legried’s father started the collection back in 1967 and it has since been passed down to his son. The massive collection includes hats only in cap shapes.

“I’m just proud of my father and what he did and brings back some of the memories of when we went and got hat collections,” said Legried.

The collection has not only been a source of pride for Legried, but it has also caught the attention of some businesses. Some companies have heard about the collection and have donated caps to it. Legried estimated that 75% of those businesses aren’t even around anymore.

In video footage, Legried showed just a fraction of his hat ensemble, which was still an impressive sight. He also mentioned that if someone were to fill up about three semi-trailers, that’s how many hats he has in his collection.

With a collection this size, Legried’s legacy is sure to live on for many generations to come.

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