The English language continues to evolve, and this year, nearly 700 new words and definitions have found their place in the prestigious Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Among them, the buzzworthy “Bussin” stands out, denoting something extremely good or excellent.

Merriam-Webster’s latest additions reflect the ever-changing linguistic landscape, with 690 new words, acronyms, and definitions making their way into the pages of the dictionary. Other notable inclusions are “Chef’s Kiss,” “Grammable,” “Generative A-I,” “Thirst Trap,” “Forever Chemical,” and “Girlboss.”

For the complete list of these newly minted linguistic gems, visit the Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s website. The additions remind us that language, like society, continually adapts to reflect contemporary culture.

Keep exploring the ever-expanding lexicon of the English language, where words like “Bussin” capture the essence of what’s “extremely good or excellent.”

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