Man who survived cancer twice wins $4.6 million lottery jackpot

SALEM, Ore. (WSVN) — A man who survived cancer twice is now celebrating a lottery win.

According to the Oregon Lottery, whenever Stu MacDonald would buy his weekly lottery ticket, his wife would tell him, “Get the winning ticket.”

However, on his latest trip, even though his wife forgot to tell him to get the winning ticket, he ended up getting it anyway.

MacDonald ended up purchasing a winning quick-pick lottery ticket worth $4.6 million.

“I am a very lucky guy,” MacDonald said. “I have survived cancer twice and here I am. This is amazing.”

MacDonald chose the lump sum payment of $2.3 million, and after taxes, took home $1.56 million.

The store that made the ticket sale will also get a commission of $46,000.

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