Man who sold kidney as teen to buy iPhone now bedridden for life

(WSVN) - A Chinese man who sold his kidney when he was a teenager so he could buy an iPhone is now bedridden for lifeafter his other kidney failed.

According to Australian Media, Wang Shangkun was 17 years old when he sold his kidney on the black market to earn enough money to buy an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2 back in 2011.

“Why do I need a second kidney? One is enough,” he allegedly said in reports at the time.

Wang earned about the equivalent to $2,500 USD for his kidney.

However, shortly after the procedure, Wang began suffering from a decreased level of kidney function. Now, at age 25, he is bedridden after his other kidney failed and he has been placed on dialysis.

Doctors believe Wang developed an infection from the unsafe conditions in which the procedure was performed.

Nine people involved in the harvesting of the organ were reportedly arrested and five people were sent to jail.

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