Man rescues little girl who fell from back of moving bus onto highway

HARRISON, Ark. (WSVN) — A volunteer firefighter was in the right place at the right time, as dashcam video from his car captured a little girl falling out of the back of a moving bus.

Ryan Ciampoli was driving down Highway 65 behind a white bus when he spotted the back door suddenly open. A 4-year-old girl then tumbled to the pavement below as the bus continued driving.

Ciampoli quickly hit the brakes and jumped out of the car to help, along with another driver who also witnessed the incident. Ciampoli is a licensed EMT and volunteer firefighter with Crawford County, and helped keep the child stable until emergency crews arrived.

Fox 13 reports that the child is recovering at a local hospital, and will need surgery to repair a broken jaw. Police said she is otherwise in “good shape.”

Officers said the bus belongs to a local church, and the driver was unaware that the girl had fallen out. Police say the incident does not appear to be criminal, and no charges will be filed.

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