(WSVN) - A man on his way to the shooting range discovered a stranded kitten on the side of the road. To his surprise, it was not just one young cat he found.

Robert Brantley stopped to pick up the small feline he spotted in Louisiana. He thought this small animal would not last a night in the wilderness.

When he began filming he realized that many more tiny cats came out of the tall grass.

“Oh my gosh, there’s more!” Brantley could be heard exclaiming. “I can’t take you all!”

As a swarm of kittens approached him, he was in shock.

“We’ve got a kitten problem!” said Brantley. “Who would do this?”

He wanted to surprise his wife with the kitten because she wanted one for their farm, but Brantley was not expecting to save a litter of them.

After managing to get all the younglings into his car, he took them home to care for them until he could find them a home.

The family plans on keeping the first black and white kitten he found, which they already named Scout.

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