Man gets $14 million bond after daring judge to raise his bond

CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WSVN) — A Tennessee judge called a man’s bluff in court after he continually dared the judge to raise his bond.

Charles Nichols, 33, was originally given a $50,000 bond after facing sex charges involving a minor, WKRN reports.

During the hearing, Nichols stood up and told Cheatham County Judge Phillip Maxie to go “f*** himself” while giving the middle finger to the courtroom.

The judge told Nichols to sit down and threatened to raise his bond. Nichols replied that he didn’t care, and dared the judge to raise it to $1 million, so he did.

Nichols then dared the judge to raise his bond to $10 million, and the judge again complied.

By the time Nichols stopped challenging the judge, his bond was set at $14 million.

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