Man fights speeding ticket with novel argument

NEWBURYPORT, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts man fighting a speeding ticket in court had a unique explanation — the officer’s radar gun may have picked up a deer.

The Newburyport Daily News reports that Dennis Sayers was clocked going 40 mph in 30 mph zone in West Newbury in November.

He got a $105 ticket.

He appealed in court on Thursday, asking Officer Royster Johnson if he was 100 percent sure his radar captured Sayers’ speed or the speed of a deer that could have been in the vicinity.

Sayers’ line of defense had people in the courtroom giggling, which turned to laughter when the judge skeptically asked: “You’re not contending the radar picked up the deer?”

Sayers replied, saying that anything was possible.

Though he gets points for creativity, the judge didn’t buy the alternative radar theory, and the fine was upheld.

Deer, by the way, can run approximately 30 mph.