Man arrested for spanking stranger’s child in checkout line, police say

NEWNAN, Ga. (WSVN) — Police in Georgia arrested a man who reportedly took it upon himself to discipline a stranger’s child while in a grocery store checkout line.

Logan Morris, the toddler’s father, told Fox 5 Atlanta that his son was not acting up while they waited in line at the store Tuesday.

“He was saying, ‘Please Dad, I want a piece of candy,’” Morris said.

That’s when Morris said 62-year-old Juan Martinez smacked his son’s hand and hit his bottom several times.

After spanking the boy, Martinez reportedly told Morris, “That’s how we do it in Mexico.” Morris said he replied, “We are not in Mexico.”

He said the checkout clerk and grocery store manager quickly stepped in to stop Martinez and called Newnan Police.

When officers arrived, Fox 5 reports that body camera footage showed Martinez cursing at the officers and refusing their commands. After several minutes, the cops managed to bring Martinez to the ground and put him in handcuffs.

Once put in the back of a patrol car, Martinez started kicking the windows and doors of the cruiser.

Martinez faces charges of simple battery, child cruelty, obstructing officers and violating probation, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He is being held without bond.

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