Lyft begins testing monthly subscription service with high-frequency users

(WSVN) - Are you a frequent Lyft rider? You soon may only have to pay once a month to use the ride-hailing service.

According to Fox Business, Lyft has recently reached out to customers who spend up to $450 a month on rides and offered them the chance to test out one of their all-access passes.

One of the plans offered users up to 30 standard rides for $199 a month. Another was priced at $300, while the premium subscription priced at $399 for 60 rides. Lyft said a standard ride is free up to $15.

Lyft CEO Logan Green said the new subscription plan is “going to move the entire industry from one based on ownership to one based on subscription.”

According to Fox Business, Uber tried a similar service in 2016 in several cities, including Miami. However, it is unclear if the program continued.

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