Louisiana couple finds $1.8 million lottery ticket while cleaning house

MANDEVILLE, La. (WSVN) — A couple who won the lottery claimed their prize with just days to spare after they found their winning ticket while cleaning their house.

The Louisiana Lottery announced that Harold and Tina Ehrenberg claimed their $1.8 million dollar prize after the came across the ticket while cleaning for the holidays.

“We have family coming into town for Thanksgiving, so I was cleaning up the house and found a few Lottery tickets on my nightstand that we hadn’t checked,” Tina said.

The couple checked the numbers and found out that all of them were a match to the numbers drawn on June 6.

Harold said he then began counting down the days from the drawing, and realized their deadline to claim the prize was approaching.

The Louisiana Lottery says winners of drawing-style games have 180 days to claim their prize. The Ehrenberg’s claimed their prize with just two weeks to spare.

The couple took home $1,274,313 after taxes, and they said they plan on putting the money away for retirement.

“We don’t have any plans to buy anything crazy or go on any big trips,” Tina said.

“The most fun is going to be depositing that check!” Harold said.

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