Little girl with alopecia has unique take on ‘Crazy Hair Day’ at school

SALEM, Utah (WSVN) — A 7-year-old girl who lost her hair from Alopecia won “best look” for her unique take on “Crazy Hair Day” at her school.

Danielle Wride says her daughter, Gianessa, began to lose her hair in January, Fox 5 reports. Danielle said she noticed a bald spot on her daughter’s head, and immediately scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist. But before they could even see a doctor, the little girl lost almost all of her hair.

Doctors diagnosed Gianessa with Alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system to attack hair follicles.

Gianessa doesn’t wear wigs because she finds them itchy, and usually wears hats or scarves. But her mom decided to do something different for “Crazy Hair Day” at her school, and decorated her daughter’s head with intricate jewel stickers, creating floral and owl designs.

Her classmates loved her “bling” and awarded her “best look” in her class. The school is now going to call the spirit day “Crazy Head Day” instead.

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