Kindergartner breaks piggy bank to help classmate in need pay for milk

(WSVN) - A 5-year-old Michigan girl knew a kindergarten classmate at school who needed money for milk, so she emptied her piggy bank and used her own savings to help.

Jackie Oelfke thought her granddaughter, Sunshine Oelfke, was fooling around when she spotted her dumping coins onto the floor. In a Facebook video, Oelfke said she grew more curious when Sunshine counted the money, put it into a plastic bag and then loaded it into her backpack.

“What are you doing with that money?” Oelfke said she asked her granddaughter.

Sunshine told her grandmother that she was taking the money to school for her friend.

“I am going to give it to my friend at school because she doesn’t get milk for a snack. Her mom doesn’t have any snack money and I do,” Sunshine said.

Oelfke said she drove Sunshine to school the next day and the two donated $30 to her classmate’s milk fund.

Oelfke posted a heartfelt video to Facebook detailing how moved she was by her granddaughter’s act of kindness.

“She has a lot of love in her. She is so genuine,” Oelfke said of Sunshine.

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