Kentucky sheriff warns residents amid lack of funding: ‘Lock your doors, load your guns:’

(WSVN) - A Kentucky sheriff took to Facebook to alert residents about the lack of funding to his office.

Martin County Sheriff John Kirk says his office was never issued a January payment of $75,000, according to the Herald-Leader.

Kirk went on to say that new obligations to his office will cost an additional $99,000 to his annual expenditures.

The post mentioned staff layoffs at the office, including one of two office members as well as court security officers.

“I’m very sorry to tell you this but I want the fine folks of this county to know the truth,” Kirk wrote. “WE ARE BROKE.”

Toward the end of his lengthy post, the sheriff gave advice to residents: “LOCK YOUR DOORS, LOAD YOUR GUNS AND GET YOU A BARKING, BITING DOG.”

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