Jovenel Moise sworn in as Haiti’s new president

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — Jovenel Moise has been sworn in as Haiti’s president for the next five years after a bruising two-year election cycle.

Moise took the oath of office Tuesday in a Parliament chamber packed with Haitian lawmakers and foreign dignitaries from countries including the U.S., Venezuela and France.

The entrepreneur from northern Haiti smiled slightly as the Senate leader slipped a red and blue presidential sash over his left shoulder.

Moise will outline his government’s priorities in a speech later Tuesday.

He won a November election redo with 55 percent, but his critics assert he didn’t gain a mandate because only 21 percent of voters went to the polls.
The election victory came more than a year after Moise topped an initial vote that was eventually thrown out amid suspicions of fraud.

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