Japan PM expresses `profound resentment’ over Okinawa death

SHIMA, Japan (AP) — Japan’s prime minister has met with President Barack Obama — and expressed “profound resentment” about the death of a young Japanese woman on Okinawa and the arrest of a former U.S. Marine.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (shin-zoh ah-bay) tells reporters that he urged Obama to take steps to prevent further such crimes. Abe says he warned Obama that it’ll be hard to realign U.S. forces on the southern island if residents’ trust is lost.

The comments came ahead of a summit of industrialized nations that opens Thursday in Shima, Japan.

Obama says he extended America’s deepest regrets and condolences over the death.

A planned relocation of a Marine air station on Okinawa has been delayed for two decades due to opposition from residents.

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