It’s so hot in Arizona that everyday objects are melting

(WSVN) - It may be a “dry heat,” but residents in Arizona are finding that plenty of things are no match for their recent record-breaking temperatures.

As the mercury soared into the triple digits (Phoenix got as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit!), people started posting pictures of everyday items that apparently have reached their melting points, including mailboxes, CDs, and even a cactus. Yes, really.


Several people succeeded in baking cookies inside their sweltering cars…


While others wondered why they were having trouble reading the street signs.


Those who braved the outdoors declared it “mitten season” so they wouldn’t burn their hands on their steering wheels.


And we even found out that some planes can’t take off in the extreme heat.

All of a sudden, summer in South Florida doesn’t sound so bad!

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