MIAMI (WSVN) - An Israeli resident in South Florida shares her story about being one of the thousands trying to escape when Hamas launched their deadly attack on Israel. She was one of the lucky ones.

Sharon Truzman is a 26-year-old who survived the massacre at the Nova Music festival in Southern Israel near the Gaza border — she said she has flashbacks of what she witnessed and that her instinct helped her save herself.

“Somehow I made it out but like I could have taken one wrong step and I’m maybe I’m not here,” said Truzman.

In early October, Hamas militants attacked festivalgoers. No one expected it, nor did they really know what to do.

“They were coming from everywhere. We didn’t know what to do, we were alone, there was no police, no army, nothing that protects us,” she said. “And, no one understood the gravity and the magnitude of the situation until we understood we were alone.”

Truzman said they were surrounded.

“The missiles started hitting… people didn’t worry too much, it’s like really a normal situation at the end of the day, in Israel it’s normal” she continued. “We were next to the open field, you know to already go home. And we started hearing gunshots from far, like coming from the side of the party. We knew it was groups, there were a lot, there were like thousands and thousands of terrorists coming to us and trying to kill us.”

The woman ran, but in her heart, she thought she was going to die.

“I run for like an hour and a half in the open field and I went into cars and then I just left because it was pointless,” she said.

Somehow she made it to a highway and escaped.

“It was a miracle really. Every person that survived is a miracle.”

Unfortunately, many people she knew were either kidnapped or didn’t make it.

“There were people that were hiding… unfortunately most of the people that hid didn’t make it,” Truzman said. “There were people that made themselves dead and took blood from other people and put them on their face and bodies.”

She now remains in South Florida with family where she said feels safe.

“I ask everyone to support humanity because at the end, it’s a humanitarian problem.”

Truzman is Venezuelan and lived in Israel eight years ago.

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