(WSVN) - Ghost, an all-white dog, roamed the deserts of Nevada with a pack of coyotes, but when nearby residents noticed the dog acquired a limp, their concern for the animal grew.

People who live just southwest of Las Vegas, noticed Ghost when he came around with other coyotes in their Inspirada neighborhood. Legend has it that Ghost was dumped in the desert as a puppy and raised by the coyotes.

He became a spectacle in the community as neighbors began posting footage of him to the Nextdoor app in July.

Eventually, Ghost began walking with a limp which concerned the residents, including Susan McMullen, an employee at The Southern Nevada Trapping Team.

“He started to limp and we were afraid limping could turn the coyotes on him,” said McMullen.

She got with her partner on the trapping team, Timi Zondiros, to help find and capture the dog.

People that encountered Ghost shared maps of the paths he would take. The duo searched for hours every day, until on Saturday, when they trapped the dog in a crate baited with food.

McMullen said she was relieved to get the white dog out of the wild and despite living for months in the desert with a pack of coyotes, Ghost is as friendly as can be and takes to every human he sees.

“He’s the sweetest most loving dog,” said Zondiros. “He comes up to you — he’s good in the car he didn’t want anyone to catch him out there but he does like people.”

Although Ghost had the adventure of a lifetime, living with coyotes for seven months came at a cost.

Fights in the wild scarred his face and body. Veterinarians also found that Ghost has an ear infection, eye infection, skin issues, his scrotum needs to be removed entirely, and a broken toe needs to be amputated.

As Ghost shows no signs of aggression and given his young age, he will be eligible for adoption once his medical treatments are done.

Anyone interested in assisting with Ghost’s medical bills which are currently more than $4,000, visit this GoFundMe.

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