Iconic Nokia 3310 phone may be making a comeback

(WSVN) - It was, at one point, the phone everyone had. Now it may be making a comeback.

The iconic Nokia 3310 was everywhere in the early 2000s, and boasted customizable ringtones, changeable face plates, the addictive game “Snake II”, and a battery that could last days on a single charge.

While it is considered a “dumb” phone in a world of iPhone and Android devices, one company is considering re-releasing it for those who long for a simpler cell phone.

HMD Global now has the rights to make Nokia phones. VentureBeat reports that the 3310, along with three other new Nokia Android models, is set to be released at the Mobile World Congress later this month. HMD is reportedly targeting the European market, with plans for North America still unknown.

The throwback phone would cost around $60 US, and could be positioned as an option for those who want to carry a second phone, or give a simple form of communication to children or teens.

A representative for HMD Global told Fox News that they “don’t comment on rumours or speculation.”

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