Home health care worker caught on camera abusing elderly woman

HOUSTON (WSVN) — Police in Texas are searching for a home health care worker after she was caught on a surveillance camera abusing an elderly woman.

Fox 26 reports that the family of the 94-year-old woman installed a Nest Cam in the home after finding bruises on her body. Just one day after installation, the camera captured a disturbing video of the woman being physically and verbally assaulted by her home health aide, 59-year-old Brenda Floyd.

The video shows Floyd yelling at the woman for feeding her dog “human food.”

“She comes up behind her, starts berating her and actually slaps her in the side and back of the head,” said Memorial Villages Police Assistant Chief Ray Schultz. “As the lady gets up and is trying to work her way to get back to her bedroom with the assistance of a walker, the caregiver continues to follow behind her, yelling at her and continues to strike her.”

Schultz said the video even disturbed detectives investigating the case.

“Obviously she’s got some anger issues. For her to display this type of behavior against somebody who’s completely defenseless is what makes it very disturbing,” Schultz said. “An investment in a piece of equipment like this, a camera, is worth its weight in gold.”

The elderly woman’s family told police she is diagnosed with dementia. They set up the camera after finding the bruises, but did not suspect Floyd until they saw the video.

“They had her working for them for an extended period of time, a couple of years,” Schultz said. “They went farther than that, they helped her buy a car.”

Police have issued a warrant for Floyd’s arrest, charging her with abuse of an elderly person, which is a second-degree felony.

“We’ve got the video to prove it,” said Jeff McShan with Crime Stoppers of Houston. “We know who she is. We just can’t find her.”

A reward of up to $5,000 is being offered for information leading to Floyd’s arrest. Anyone with information on Floyd’s whereabouts is urged to contact police or Crime Stoppers of Houston at 713-222-TIPS (8477).

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