(WSVN) - Gas prices almost always tick up in the days ahead of Memorial Day, but this year, things aren’t that bad. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), the national average for a gallon of gas is only up four cents from last week. This slight increase in prices comes despite the increased demand for fuel as more people embark on Memorial Day road trips.

While the surge in travel has undoubtedly put pressure on gas prices, there is some relief for motorists. The current average of$3.55 per gallon is actually eight cents less than it was a month ago, offering a silver lining for those hitting the roads during the holiday weekend.

Compared to the same time last year, drivers will find themselves paying over a dollar less per gallon. This significant drop in prices is a result of various factors, including improved oil production, increased supply, and lower global demand during the pandemic.

As a result, travelers can expect some savings when filling up their tanks this Memorial Day.

Despite the favorable gas prices, the AAA predicted that Memorial Day road trips will be up by 6% compared to 2022.

After a year of restricted travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are eager to reunite with loved ones and explore new destinations. This anticipated increase in road trips highlights the resilience and recovery of the travel industry.

While the slight price increase may have some travelers concerned, it is important to note that gas prices remain relatively stable, providing a more favorable environment for holiday travel.

The combination of increased demand and affordable gas prices reflects the ongoing recovery in the United States and the optimism surrounding post-pandemic travel.

As travelers hit the road this Memorial Day, they can breathe a little easier knowing that gas prices, although slightly higher, are still considerably lower than in previous years. With the national average remaining below $4 per gallon, holiday travel expenses are expected to be manageable for many Americans.

As the summer season kicks off, travelers are advised to plan their trips accordingly and take advantage of the current gas prices. With careful budgeting and smart travel choices, holiday travelers can make the most of their road trips while enjoying the newfound freedom and sense of normalcy that accompanies this year’s Memorial Day celebrations.

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