AQUIN, Haiti (WSVN) – Residents in Haiti continue to look to their faith despite the devastation and despair that came with Hurricane Matthew.

It may take years for towns that were hit hard by the category four storm to recover. Even though many residents may have lost just about everything, their spirits remain strong.

The shores of Aquin displayed fragile homes that were destroyed in the storm, but amid the destruction, a woman could be seen cleaning a single fish while she sang powerful words that declare her faith. “Oh, Lord, here I am at Your house with empty hand,” she sang. “And I know You are not going to let me go without fulfilling my needs.”

What she and many people in this town need is too great to measure.

“The lady told us the water was about her height, which was about 4 feet and a half,” said security guard Amsterly Pierre.

Pierre walked 7News through what is considered the most dangerous and devastated part of town. “Yes, they pretty much lost everything because at the moment they had to flee the area,” he said.

As Hurricane Matthew came ashore, the water rose rapidly and swept through several beachside homes. Sources told 7News that people here were running for their lives. They ran into town looking for help and higher ground and many found a safe place at a Baptist church.

“They are screaming you need to get up because the water is coming in,” said Pastor Clarmont Pierre Clarcoes at Temple Evangelique Baptiste through a translator.

Flooding and high winds damaged the church, but it was still able to provide a place for people to go if they needed shelter. They, however, didn’t have enough supplies for everyone. “We didn’t even have food to give them,” Clarcoes said. “It was very hard for us.”

Choppers could be seen spotted overhead, but days passed with no help on the ground until the arrival of the Haitian American Hurricane Matthew Relief Effort from South Florida.

“It saddens me to know that, my God, my people have to wait three or four days to feel a little more human that somebody actually cares,” said Man Dodo Volunteer Mia Lopez.

This group of Haitian Americans showed love and compassion during this three-day mission.

“Over 2,000 people who needed medical care, who needed relief supplies, they were touched in Camp Perrin, Cavaillon and here in Aquin,” said Man Dodo Humanitarian Foundation, Ed Lozama.

But volunteers know that their work is far from over. “You know what? We need to come back here. This is just our first one. We need to continue to ask people to come here and serve these people even in the smallest way,” Lopez said.

Even the smallest gift is considered a blessing for these people, and you will never see a more grateful people. In the darkest hours, they find strength in songs about trusting and that more help will come.

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