Heartwarming photos show waiter sitting down with lonely 91-year-old veteran

(WSVN) - A Pennsylvania waiter is serving up smiles online after performing an act of kindness on the clock.

Photos shared to Facebook by Lisa Meilander showed her server, Dylan, chatting with a 91-year-old veteran who was eating alone at an Eat ‘N Park.

She said he dropped to one knee to look at the veteran eye-to-eye as he took his order.

“I’m alone now,” the elderly man said, “and I don’t often have someone to talk to.”

Dylan later sat down with him while he ate, listening to the his many stories about his time in the war.

The woman who posted about it said the sweet sight made her want to pay for the man’s dinner, but by the time she flagged Dylan down, someone had already taken care of it.

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