Harvest Moon to make rare October appearance Thursday night

(WSVN) - The autumn moon, also known as the Harvest Moon, will be fully visible in the sky Thursday night.

The Harvest Moon refers to the first full moon after the autumnal equinox. The moon will rise at 6:52 p.m. on the East Coast.

The event will mark the first October full moon in a decade. Harvest moons are rare in October, according to Space.com. The website says only 18 Harvest moons are set to occur between 1970 and 2050. They typically occur in September.

The Harvest Moon is late this year because on Sept. 20, the moon’s sunlit side turned fully away from Earth, just two days before the equinox.

Full moons occur when the moon is on the opposite side of Earth to the sun. NASA says the moon will appear massive and could take on a reddish-orange color, which is typical.

Skies are expected to remain clear on the East Coast, according forecasters.

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