Hairspray can explodes in hot car, lodges in windshield

VANCOUVER, Wash. (WSVN) — Aerosol cans have warning labels, telling users to keep them away from flames. But one woman learned the hard way that a pressurized can has the potential to do a lot of damage without being near a fire.

Karmen Ayres posted a photo to Facebook, showing a can of hairspray lodged in her car’s windshield. Ayres said she left the can in her car on a 90-degree day, where the heat inside the vehicle turned the can into a projectile, Fox 13 reports.

Aerosol can warning labels say they should be stored out of direct sunlight, and not be exposed to temperatures over 120-degrees Fahrenheit. According to Accuweather, temperatures inside a car can get as high as 160-degrees when the outside temperature is 90.

Ironically, Ayres sells insurance, and told reporters that she’s heard of objects exploding inside hot cars, including soda cans, wine bottles, and loaded guns. But she says she did not realize she had left the can in her vehicle, and was glad no one was inside when it exploded.

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