Group helps rescue neighbor’s dog from rushing floodwaters

LUMBERTON, Texas (WSVN) — Neighbors worked together to rescue a dog before it was swept away from rushing waters.

Fox 26 reports that several men braved the fast-moving flood waters to rescue their neighbor’s dog, who had suddenly gotten pulled away from the front of its home.

Carson Crosby said his brother Travis teamed up with neighbors Darryl and Kavan Wise, using rope to rescue the pup.

The video, originally posted on Twitter, shows two of the men holding the rope as a third goes into the chest-deep waters that looked more like river rapids.

The man managed to grasp the dog from underneath a tree, while the two men holding the rope reel both him and the dog back toward more shallow water.

Carson confirmed to Fox 26 that the dog had been reunited with its grateful owner, and appeared stunned but otherwise in good health.

Many animals have been displaced or separated from their owners in the devastating flooding. To help, visit the websites of the Animal Defense League of Texas, Houston SPCA, and the Humane Society of the United States.

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