Grandma offers Thanksgiving dinner to stranger after text message mishap

PHOENIX (WSVN) – Here’s a story you can talk about around the Thanksgiving table: a grandmother inviting a stranger to dinner after an iMessage mishap.

The grandmother, Wanda Dench, meant to send an invite to her grandson. but had the wrong number. Now, a seat is being saved for a new friend.

The Thanksgiving Twitter sensation began when Dench sent a group text to her grandsons. “So I said, basically, ‘Thanksgiving my house this date and time. Let me know if you’re going to come,'” said Dench. “I got a text that said, ‘Who is this?’ I said ‘It’s Grandma!'”

The young man on the receiving end of Dench’s text was 17-year-old Jamal Hinton. He initially thought it might be his grandmother, so to confirm, Hinton asked for a photo.

“So, I was thinking, ‘OK, this is strange,'” said Dench. “So, I took a selfie at work. I text him the picture and I waited for a response. I got a text back, ‘You’re not my grandma, but can I still have a plate?'”

Once the embarrassment of texting a complete stranger subsided, she decided to respond. “I just went with my gut and said ‘Sure, grandmas feed everybody,”” said Dench.

Hinton posted the exchange on Twitter, Monday, and it has since gone viral. Dench’s phone has been flooded with text messages asking for a plate, as well.

Dench, known now as “Thanksgiving Grandma,” had a chance to meet Hinton, thanks to the help of her grandson.

The offer to get a plate for Thanksgiving? Well, it still stands.

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