Goodwill worker turns over $39K left inside donated purse

(WSVN) - A thrift store worker is being praised for doing the right thing after she discovered a large amount of money inside a donated purse.

Kindell Keyes is an assistant manager at the Goodwill in Long Island City, New York. As she rifled through donations, Keyes came across a purse with envelopes full of money inside, UPI reports.

“I started looking around like, who’s setting me up? There’s no way,” Keyes said, believing someone was playing a joke on her.

She brought the cash to her manager. A team of Goodwill employees then managed to track down the two brothers from California. The pair had donated the purse along with many other items from their grandmother’s home in New York after she had recently passed away.

One of the brothers, identified only as Bryan, flew back to the east coast Tuesday to collect the cash. He said he’s grateful for her honesty.

“It’s just so good to know that there’s people like Kindell in the world,” he said. “It’s remarkable.”

Keyes said she never thought about keeping the money for herself.

“The money didn’t belong to me,” she said. “I believe in karma. You do good, good things happen to you, so I’m not going to keep something that don’t belong to me.”

Goodwill rewarded her with a $3,900 bonus for turning the cash over to her boss.

Katy Gaul-Stigge, CEO of Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey, called Keyes a “hero” for doing the right thing.

“Good behavior is recognized,” Gaul-Stigge said.



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