(WSVN) - A gigantic bee that has not been seen in decades has recently been rediscovered in the wild.

According to the Global Wildlife Conservation, the Megachile pluto, also known as Wallace’s giant bee, is the world’s largest bee.

The creature has jaws and an estimated wingspan of 2.5 inches.

The bee has not been seen since 1981. However, in January, a search team found the bee in the Indonesian islands known as the North Moluccas.

“It was absolutely breathtaking to see this ‘flying bulldog’ of an insect that we weren’t sure existed anymore, to have real proof right there in front of us in the wild,” said Clay Bolt, the photographer who captured the first image of the insect.

According to the Global Wildlife Conservation, the bee is threatened by habitat destruction, as well as wild life collectors.

“We know that putting the news out about this rediscovery could seem like a big risk given the demand, but the reality is that unscrupulous collectors already know that the bee is out there,” said Robin Moore, senior director of digital content at the Global Wildlife Conservation. “The bee’s protection moving forward is going to rely first on the appropriate government officials and stakeholders knowing that the bee even exists and then their willingness to help protect it.”

“By making the bee a world-famous flagship for conservation, we are confident that the species has a brighter future than if we just let it quietly be collected into oblivion,” Moore added.

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