Ford creates crib to mimic car rides to help babies go to sleep

(WSVN) - Car rides can be a soothing way to get babies to fall asleep. Soon, parents will be able to drive their babies to slumber without ever leaving the house, thanks to a new crib designed by Ford.

The U.S. automaker developed the “Max Motor Dreams” crib as a way for parents to mimic the car ride experience without having to spend a lot of money on gasoline.

The crib uses soft engine sounds and light movement to imitate driving in a car, while moving LED lights around the crib’s rim reproduce passing traffic lights.

Ford also created an accompanying smartphone app to allow parents to specify different kinds of car rides, including one that simulates freeway driving, frequent stops, or even driving in the rain.

The crib is not yet available for purchase, Ford says. While the automaker only created a prototype of the crib, they are considering putting it into full-scale production.

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