Firefighters discover newborn baby in “baby box’ at fire station

(WSVN) - An Indiana fire department says a “baby box” installed in their building has saved the life of a newborn baby girl.

According to Fox 32, Fire Chief Mick Pawlick said he discovered the child when he took a look inside the box.

“So I’m peeking in there and I can see this sweatshirt and a little bitty arm, then boy adrenaline sets in,” said Fire Chief Mick Pawlick. “Open it up and that baby just looks me right in the eyes.”

The newborn girl was only a few hours old, and was still messy from the birth.

According to Fox 32, the box is one of just two in the country, and it allows parents to leave a newborn with no questions asked. The box is padded and climate controlled to keep the baby warm while still allowing air circulation. It is equipped with an alarm that notifies officials when a baby is placed inside, WGN reports.

“[The mother] stepped up to the plate and did the right thing and putting the baby in the baby box instead of us finding the baby in a ditch, the woods or a dumpster like we hear so many horrible stories,” said assistant fire chief Warren Smith.

The fire department has received criticism for having the box, but firefighters said it’s just another tool to save lives.

The baby was taken to a hospital where she is now in good condition. Both Fire Chief Pawlick and Assistant Fire Chief Smith said they would be willing to adopt the infant they named Baby Hope.

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