Female protesters across US head to Washington for Women’s March

WASHINGTON (WSVN) – Hundreds in the U.S., including South Floridians, are flying to our nation’s capital to participate in a massive women’s protest march.

Across the country, women have packed their bags and boarded planes or buses to head to Washington, D.C. in order to deliver a message about women’s and human rights.

“We’re not getting a government that is going to be responsible to the citizenry the way they should,” said Myra Weaver, who is planning to attend march.

Sharon Rosonow hopes the march will be a peaceful one. “I don’t want any fighting. I just want a fabulous rally and march,” she said, “and for them to recognize we have rights.”

Some 50,000 women are expected to turn out in the nation’s capital, which would match the women’s strike for equality in 1970. While that march was about equality in the workforce, some said the issues for this protest, including climate change, healthcare and reproductive rights, are too diverse to be effective.

“The Women’s March is a gesture of our commitment,” said Laura Kleinhenz.

Wendy Withers, who is planning to attend the march, said this is the only way her voice will be heard. “We don’t know what else to do at this point,” she said. “The vote doesn’t count. The popular vote doesn’t count. Then we have to show up in person.”

Several women in Los Angeles, a group from Michigan and a teacher from Missouri said they hope that by joining together, Washington will in fact listen.

“It’s a really unique time in history, so being able to be a part of that and feeling like when you’re with a group that big, your voice is even stronger,” said Kristi Meyer.

It is estimated that about two million women will participate in Sister Women’s marches in cities around the globe.

Officials in Portland, Oregon, where protesters have been rioting since the November election, are preparing for the worst. “We’re going to draw some hard lines when it comes to protecting personal property and fighting against violence,” said Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler.

For most women, however, the goal is to have a peaceful gathering with a powerful message. “I’m not going because I am pro or anti Donald Trump,” said one woman. “I am going because I want this incoming administration to know that women’s rights matter.”

The march is expected to be huge, and the city is ready for it. Police are prepared and are expecting to close down roadways. The metro will be in service early to get to a concert for the event and then march.

For a map to the 616 Global Sister Marches, including three in South Florida, visit this link: https://www.womensmarch.com/sisters.

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