FDA approves large-scale trial of Ecstasy to treat PTSD

MIAMI (WSVN) - A pill known as the “party drug” is being tested to see if it could help treat post-traumatic stress disorder.

The Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday approved large-scale clinical trials of Ecstasy to be used on patients suffering from PTSD.

The move comes after smaller studies saw positive results. According to the New York Times, patients in one study reported a 56-percent decrease in the severity of their symptoms. By the end of that study, two-thirds of the patients no longer met the criteria for PTSD.

Fox News reports that the new trial will include 230 participants. This latest study would be the final measure necessary before the FDA could legalize the drug.

If the results are favorable, the drug, also known as MDMA, could be available to patients as early as 2021.

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