BAYVILLE, New Jersey (WCBS) — A wake was held Friday for a 14-year-old girl in New Jersey who took her own life after being bullied at school.

The child’s father told CBS2’s Ali Bauman he plans to take legal action against school administration.

Students — kids — are trying to process the death of their friend Adriana Kuch.

“She was a really nice girl,” friend Gerald Gibbs said.

“She always knew how to light up a room,” friend Janece Cullison said.

“I was really mad because I know she didn’t just do it for no reason. She did it ’cause the people bullied her,” friend Lance Jones said.

The 14-year-old girl, a freshman at Central Regional High School in Bayville, died by suicide last week, just two days after a disturbing video was posted on social media. It shows a group of students brutally attacking Adriana in the school hall.

“The students are a symptom. The school and their leadership is a cancer,” father Michael Kuch said.

Kuch says bullies tormented his daughter online after she was beaten and claims the school district lied to him about the extent of the fight. He believes administrators should have called police and taken her to the hospital.

“They asked Adriana not come back to school because her face was so beaten that they didn’t want her getting bullied the next day and people making fun of her,” Kuch said.

The superintendent told CBS2 that four students were suspended on the day of the incident.

Since then, the Ocean County prosecutor’s office has charged three girls with third-degree felony assault and another with disorderly conduct.

Adriana’s classmates tell us they feel the administration does not properly address bullying.

“I genuinely think that the problem is Central Regional. It’s just the district,” friend Amari Lopez said.

“The school gave her no support system, and I feel like if she had that, this wouldn’t have happened,” Janece said.

Adriana’s father vows he will not let his daughter die in vain.

“I’m not gonna stop until everything is changed. I want that whole administration gone. I want the whole school board gone,” Kuch said.

School officials did not respond to our questions Friday but called Adriana’s death “horrible.”

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