LOS ANGELES, Calif. (WSVN) — A family-owned jewelry store in Los Angeles was left shaken and afraid after a would-be robber threatened them. The courageous family members fought back against the assailant, but the traumatic experience has left them fearing for their safety.

The incident unfolded on Saturday at around 2:30 p.m. when the suspect entered the store and unleashed a can of pepper spray on the unsuspecting family. With the store enveloped in a cloud of pepper spray, the assailant began smashing display cases with a hammer, sending shards of glass and jewelry flying.

In a desperate bid to protect their livelihood, three members of the all-family staff fought back, engaging the assailant in a physical struggle, punching, kicking, and swinging at him. The intense confrontation forced the intruder to flee the scene empty-handed, leaving behind shattered glass, scattered jewels, and bloodstains as grim reminders of the ordeal.

The store owner, who was pepper-sprayed during the attack, recounted the terrifying encounter.

“He threw it on my face and my hands; it was burning me a lot, a lot,” she said off-camera.

The situation took an even darker turn as the suspect, still armed with a weapon, threatened the family with violence as they attempted to chase him outside.

“He had a gun and [said] ‘Go back because I’m gonna shoot you guys, and I’m gonna kill all of you guys,'” the owner explained. “He said that to my dad and my brother.”

Witnesses from nearby businesses described the chaotic scene as they rushed outside to assist. Roger Mancilla, an adjacent business owner, shared his experience.

“It was kinda scary because I felt, I was getting cough, a lot of coughing, and I was like ‘What’s going on?'” he recalled.

Raul Moya, another nearby business owner, checked his security cameras and captured footage of the suspect entering the store wearing a hoodie and carrying a cardboard box, presumably to carry away stolen items.

“I was really scared because it could happen to anybody,” said Moya.

Although the suspect failed to make off with any loot, the emotional scars left on the family cannot be easily repaired. The owner expressed concerns about the potential of a return visit.

“You never know if they’re gonna come back or do anything else like this, you know?” she said.

Local law enforcement authorities are actively investigating the case and have identified a possible suspect. While insurance and cleanup can address the physical damage, the psychological impact on the family remains a lingering and profound concern.

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