Family says bullying continues even after 13-year-old daughter hung herself

LOMA LINDA, Calif. (WSVN) — The Avila family is in mourning, preparing to take their teenage daughter off of life support after she hung herself due to years of bullying. Sadly, the family says the bullying didn’t stop with her suicide.

Fox 11 reports that 13-year-old Rosalie Avila hanged herself, leaving a letter for her father that said she couldn’t take being bullied anymore.

“I’m here today angry because my daughter is no longer with me and angry because of these bullies continuing to bully,” Freddie Avila said.

Even after news spread of Rosalie’s suicide, the family said students at her school still made fun of her online, mocking her death by posting a picture of her face near a grave.

“It’s so heartless, so mean to do that,” said Rosalie’s mother Charlene. “And it’s not funny, it’s not funny to see that image of your daughter and to be mocked like she’s crap and she’s not. That’s my daughter.”

The devastated parents said they voiced their concerns about bullying to their daughter’s middle school, but said they don’t believe enough was done to stop Rosalie and others from being bullied.

“Right now, the bullies are still there,” Freddie said. “They were suspended for a couple days and then they come back and bully someone else.”

“The things that they post on social media about my daughter is unacceptable,” Charlene told Fox 11. “The people that liked it and fed into it… it’s painful and it makes me angry to know that they have no heart.”

The Avilas said dozens of people have reached out to them, saying their children are being bullied as well. The couple said it isn’t just the students who are the problem; they feel parents bear the responsibility as well.

“You don’t want to be in my shoes dealing with this and trying to figure out where your daughter is going to be buried,” Charlene said.

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