Family holds early Christmas for dad with terminal cancer

FRISCO, Texas (WSVN) — When a man found out he had terminal cancer, he became worried he wouldn’t make it to see Christmas, so his family brought Christmas to him.

Fox 4 reports that 47-year-old David Odum began having severe digestive issues back in April.

When he went to the doctor and got a CT scan done, doctors told the father of four that he had cancer of the appendix. The tumors had spread, and doctors told David he only had months to live.

“He’s my best friend, and I don’t want to let him go,” said Odum’s wife, Becky, to Fox 4. “When we were talking about what he would like to do before he passes, he said he’d like to have one more holiday with his kids.”

That’s when Becky got out the Christmas decorations and took to Facebook to share David’s diagnosis. She also asked friends and family to celebrate with them and hang up their Christmas wreaths early and to post photos online.

As of Friday, Becky’s post was shared 212 times with many comments showing support and photos of Christmas wreaths.

The Odums plan on celebrating Christmas on Sept. 6, David’s 48th birthday.

“If God graces us with Christmas in December, then we’ll have had two Christmases,” David said to Fox 4. “We’re just not willing to take that risk.”

According to Fox 4, Becky lost her first husband to cancer, but she is now trying to stay positive.

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