Escalator workers arrested after malfunction injures 18 at Hong Kong mall

HONG KONG (WSVN) — Two workers from an escalator company are under arrest after a crowded escalator at a Hong Kong shopping mall abruptly reversed direction, injuring 18 people.

The incident happened Saturday, when the four-story indoor escalator at the Langham Place mall suddenly switched from up to down, quickly accelerating, the South China Morning Post reports.

Videos taken show shoppers piling on top of each other at the base of the escalator amid screams.

One man is in serious condition after suffering from a head injury.

Two mechanics working for Otis Elevator were arrested on suspicion of tampering with the escalator’s parts.

A spokesman for Otis said the arrests of their employees came as a “surprise.”

“Our legal team is working with law enforcement to clarify the situation and we intend to defend our mechanics,” the spokesman told the paper.

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