Elderly man walks for miles to search for kidney donor for sick wife

FARR WEST, Utah (WSVN) — A 74-year-old man has been walking for miles a day in search of a kidney donor for his sick wife.

According to Fox 13, Wayne Winters started his journey by walking down busy streets while wearing a sandwich board sign saying he needs a kidney for his wife, Deanne.

“My wife has stage 5 kidney failure. She’s on dialysis and she doesn’t like it, it’s horrible,” Winters said.

Winters said he felt helpless as he watched his wife of 26 years suffer, so he decided to go on the search for a kidney for her. He said he got the idea from online where another man did the same thing and got national attention.

Winters said his favorite time to go out is during rush hour.

“They’re slowed down they can look at my sign they can’t go home in a hurry,” he told Fox 13.

Winters said one man stopped on his first day and and said he will work to see if he is a match. However, Winters said he will keep searching just in case.

“After I get a kidney I will have my wife back the way she was, normal, helping people, loving people; she likes to serve other people,” Winters said.

Although finding a match won’t be an easy process, Winters said he will keep searching. He also said he will continue to try to convince people to donate a kidneys to those in need, Fox 13 reports.

For more information about donating a kidney, visit kidney.org. To help Winters with his efforts, call 801-675-0278.

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