Dog that was returned to shelter for being ‘too nice’ finds home

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. (WSVN) – An adoption organization said a dog was returned because their owner said she was “too nice” and “wanted to be around them all the time.”

The dog, named Helena, was returned to LifeLine Animal Project in Georgia.

In a Facebook post, the non-profit organization described her as “the sweetest, nicest, snuggliest dog” in Atlanta.

Helena was returned to their Fulton County Animal Services location after her owners realized she wasn’t the right for for them.

“The owners were looking for a more independent dog; and Helena just isn’t that,” the organization wrote in a comment on the post. “There are also common misconceptions that dogs that look like Helena are protectors or guardians of the home and she isn’t that either. She’s pure love and looking for a bestie.”

Luckily, the sweet pup has recently found a home that the organization says is “just as nice as she is.”

LifeLine spokesperson Karen Hirsch told Fox 32 its obvious that her new family will “spoil her rotten.”

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