Dog saves half her food for companion who died

DENVER (WSVN) — A dog truly proved her loyalty when she saved half of her food for her fallen companion.

According to Fox 31 Denver, actor and filmmaker Easton Dufur shared the story of his two yellow Labradors, Stitch and Cookie.

Dufur said on Twitter that Cookie and Stitch used to share one food bowl, and that at some point, Stitch trained Cookie to leave him half of the food in the bowl.

“Ever since she was young she knew to leave half the food so Stitch can have some (he liked to make sure she would eat),” Dufur wrote.

However, Stitch recently passed away, leaving Cookie alone for the first time.

Dufur said that since Stitch’s death, he has been giving Cookie less food. However, he noticed that she still leaves food for her former companion.

Despite the sadness that comes with the story, Dufur made sure to share a video of happier times of Cookie and Stitch sharing a meal.