Dog ‘protects’ his unconscious, injured owner from first responders

(WSVN) - A man who lost consciousness when he fell while pruning a tree ended up being “protected” by his dog.

Jesús Heuche, 28, suffered the bad fall on asphalt while he was working outside a home in Bahia Blanca, Argentina, on Monday. He said he lost his balance and fell nearly 7 feet to the ground, head first.

When he came to, he felt the weight of his dog Tony on top of him.

Heuche said his faithful companion would not leave his side and kept people from getting to close to his owner, even when emergency responders tried to help.

“He thought they wanted to do something [bad] to me,” Heuche told reporters.

The sweet image of Tony protecting Heuche quickly went viral.

“I woke up because I had my son, the dog, on top of me,” he told local media.

(H/T Fox 13)

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