Disabled veteran praises teens who returned his lost wallet

DETROIT (WSVN) — A disabled Marine Corps veteran said his faith in humanity was restored after two teenaged sisters returned his lost wallet.

According to Fox 2, Marc Walsh dropped his wallet at some point while out and about in Detroit’s West Side.

The wallet had a couple hundred dollars in cash, credit cards and Walsh’s military ID.

“Being unemployed and a disabled veteran it’s difficult for me to find work,” he said. “So the money that I do have, I really needed it a lot and so I was heartbroken to have lost my wallet.”

But just the very next day, 14-year-old twins Makhia and Makyla Vincent found it while walking to school.

“I read the veteran’s card and I was like, ‘I would hate if that was my granddad and that happened to him,’ so I knew we had to return it,” Makyla said.

The pair made the trek and returned it to Walsh’s home, but he wasn’t there. However, his home surveillance camera did capture the return.

Wanting to thank the girls, Walsh reached out to the teens through Fox 2.

“All of the sudden we were all over the news and people are saying thank you for turning it in and everything, it was great,” Makhia said.

After some time, Walsh and the girls got the opportunity to meet and he was able to thank them in person and offer them a reward.

“It renews my faith in humanity it really does,” Walsh said. “I’m so incredibly grateful, so grateful and humbled.”

The girls said they plan on saving most of the money Walsh gave them and spending a little bit of it.

“I feel really happy and grateful that I could help somebody because I know other people could have kept the money,” Makyla said.

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