Deputy steps up in “running man” dance-off

(WSVN) - What do you do when a young boy challenges you to a dance-off? You accept, of course. And it’s somehow all the more entertaining if you’re a cop.

A deputy in Nash County, North Carolina took a video of another deputy as the young man named Jason dared him.

“They got onto the topic of dance, and Jason told Deputy Williams, ‘I bet I could dance better than you,’ and the two just went at it!” the deputy said.

The Nash County Sheriff’s Office posted the video to Facebook with the caption, “Jason decided to challenge Deputy C. Williams to a dance off. Who do you think won? Lol. #welovekids #wedomorethanwritetickets”

“Definitely a tie,” one commenter replied. “Love what the deputy did and not just because it was entertaining. Showed young man and neighbors that law enforcement are human and relatable. May have made a friend and changed how people view officers and deputies.”

Thousands have shared the video, which has been seen over 300,000 times since it was posted on Monday.

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