INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WSVN) — A routine inmate transport in Indianapolis took a deadly turn when an inmate attacked a sheriff’s deputy, resulting in the tragic loss of the deputy’s life. The incident has led to immediate policy changes within the sheriff’s office.

Deputy John Durm of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office was carrying out what had become a routine procedure, parking the jail transport van in Indianapolis, Indiana. Security footage captured the moment Deputy Durm allowed inmate Orlando Mitchell to exit the vehicle.

As Deputy Durm turned to close the door, Mitchell launched a sudden and violent assault. The struggle between Deputy Durm and Mitchell ensued for two minutes.

Marion County Sheriff Kerry Forestal addressed the incident in a press release.

“I want to make it clear that there is one person at fault here,” he stated. “It wasn’t understaffing that killed John Durm; it wasn’t faulty equipment that killed him, it was Orlando Mitchell.”

After incapacitating Deputy Durm, Mitchell seized the keys, unlocked his handcuffs, and commandeered the transport van with the intention of escaping.

Another sheriff’s deputy quickly noticed Mitchell behind the wheel and alerted authorities. As deputies rushed to the scene, Mitchell drove the van through security gates and fled the city’s Criminal Justice Center.

Despite the escape attempt, Mitchell’s flight was short-lived. Pursued by two sheriff’s deputies in their cruisers, he ultimately crashed the van. Law enforcement promptly recaptured Mitchell and re-handcuffed him.

Investigations into the incident revealed video footage of Mitchell tampering with his ankle cuffs. Sheriff Forestal confirmed that the initial assessment suggested the restraints had been correctly applied, but Mitchell had found a way to manipulate them.

In response to this incident, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office swiftly enacted policy changes aimed at preventing similar incidents in the future.

The new policy mandates that all off-site inmate transports must now involve two deputies. This change is intended to enhance the safety of law enforcement personnel during transport operations.

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