Deputies: Teen fatally shoots father while protecting mother from abuse

FRESNO, Calif. (WSVN) — Deputies in California say a teen was forced to shoot his father in order to save his mother’s life.

According to Fox 26, Fresno County Sheriff’s Office deputies said the 16-year-old boy shot and killed his 54-year-old father, Javier Vera, after he found him choking his mother.

The teen told investigators his father had been drinking at the time of the assault.

“The dad was drinking and he’s been known to get more violent once he has alcohol in his system,” sheriff’s spokesman Tony Botti told KFSN.

“It appears that the husband was, at that time, strangling his wife, so you can imagine there can’t be anything more controlling than someone with their hands around your neck cutting off your air supply,” said Marjaree Mason Center Executive Director Nicole Linder.

Deputies later determined that the teen was acting in self-defense and said they do not plan on arresting him.

“It’s a scary situation,” Botti said. “Your mom and dad are in this fight and next thing you know, you end up taking your dad’s life.”

Fox 26 reports the District Attorney will now review the case to determine if any criminal charges are warranted.

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